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Keep track of Individual and Team Tasks Journey with our Research Task Management System (AmevaTask)

Our Task management system is way more than just creating a to-do list. It will help your firm to track down the tasks from beginning to end, delegating subtasks to teammates, and setting deadlines to make sure projects get completed on time. Task management system, empowers teams to work more productively and efficiently. Our software provides solution to some of the key pain points faced by Research Firms i.e. keeping tasks at one place, Allocating and Prioritizing the work, Poor Collaboration between team mates, keeping a track of assigned tasks, adhering to the project timelines, Rating Employees on Task Basis.

Empowers Teams Productivity and Efficiency by 82%

Reduces Burden of Assigning & Maintaining Task Manually by 95%

75% Improvement in Adhering Deadlines

50% Saves Employee Time and Avoid Misplacing Work

Why Choose AmevaTask?

Our solution Helps in prioritizing the Tasks, Time Management, and Meeting Strict Deadlines – Effective Delegation, Monitor Trends, Increase Efficiency


Improves Employee Productivity

  • Allows to attach working notes, document & files within the company.
  • Prioritizing Task with dedicated time slot
  • Easily View Team Workload
  • Allow team to work on same tasks together

Customizable and Quick Dashboard View

  • Highlight Working Projects
  • Allows Visual & Structured Approach to view Tasks
  • Quick Dashboard View allows to monitor task progress
  • Allows to analyze trend - Employee and Task related

Universal Reporting

  • Report Across Teams and Departments
  • Generate Real Time Insights
  • Reduce Turnaround Time
  • Easy to track task
  • Rating at Sub-Task Level

Key Services Offered

  • Allows to Maintain Employee Attendance Sheet
  • Manage tasks of different verticals in single Dashboard
  • Share Real Time Task Progress with clients
  • Improves transparency by allowing Rating the Staff for their performance on every task

How it works?

The AmevaTask platform is hassle free and simple to use!

Kick Start of Project on TMS

Organize your work into shared projects as lists for your initiatives, meetings, and programs

Task Assignees

Allows you to create task owner, so everyone knows who’s responsible.

Allotment of Tasks

Assign work as per the vertical and department for the team.

Due Dates and Times

Specify the date and time, ensures everyone’s working off the same deadline—no matter their time zone.

Dividing Sub - Tasks

A task can be further segmented into smaller segments namely adding primaries, conducting primary research, secondary research, report writing and many more.

Sync Tasks Across Projects

Keep the same task in multiple projects to see work in different contexts without duplicating efforts.

Analyse Trend

Visualize significant checkpoints basis on the project which enables to measure and share progress at every level.


Task dependencies make it clear which tasks are ready to start, and which tasks are waiting on others.


Basic Professional Enterprise

Get started

Get started

Get started
Per User per Month
Per User per Month $10 $7 $4
  No. of Admin
No. of Admin 2 5 10
  No. of User**
No. of User** 10-30 31-100 101 & above
  Task Creation
Task Creation
  Sub task Creation
Sub task Creation
  Calling Feature *
Calling Feature *
  Ticket Management
Ticket Management
  Call Recording
Call Recording
  Secured Files on MS Onedrive
Secured Files on MS Onedrive
  Role Management
Role Management
  Result KPI
Result KPI -
  Target Management
Target Management
  Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial - -
  Company Financials for Indian Companies
Company Financials for Indian Companies - -
  Manage Client Custom Work
Manage Client Custom Work - -
  Manage Proposal
Manage Proposal -
  Report Journey with Gantt Chart
Report Journey with Gantt Chart - -
  Auto Rating Populate for Team
Auto Rating Populate for Team -
  All Primary Database
All Primary Database - -
Support -

AmevaTask FAQ’s

AmevaTask is a Tailored web based Task Management Software for Research Companies, where you can create and manage the tasks for yourselves or your team as per the research phases and journey. It helps in streamlining the project and managing/tracking the deadlines of all the Tasks.

Yes, with the help of AmevaTask, any number of Subtask can be created and managed.

No. If you have subscribed for Professional or Enterprise option, then calling option will be provided in the package. The Standard Package doesn’t come with calling feature.

The call charges are not included in the package cost. It is charged as per the service provider cost.

Absolutely. The AmevaTask is developed in keeping in mind the team of multiple individuals’ collaboration. You can assign the multiple subtask to multiple individual together and track the same. The system will display the total man-hours used for completing the project and will help in cost estimation.

Yes, If it is included in your package, you can add Target, View Results and the deviation if any.

The files uploaded for review in AmevaTask are non-downloadable, Apart from this, AmevaTask also offers an option to add a secure link of cloud location which can be accessed only by authorized persons who are working on the project.

Absolutely, The Team working on the Project can directly publish the report on your website which helps in reducing the efforts of multiple team individual and save time.

Yes, AmevaTask is providing an option to rate every individual by the Manager/Mentor who is managing the project. The annual task completed vs planned and Rating can be available for evaluating the performance of the team. It helps in making the Promotion system transparent.

AmevaTask charge payment on monthly and Annual Basis. A flat 15% discount is provided to all AmevaTask client on advance payment of Annual Amount.

Amevatask provide 30 days’ time period to check all the features. If you are unhappy with the services or our support, then the advance amount will be refunded.

In No Time. You can start using the AmevaTask instantly once your sign up process is complete. If API integration is required, then a TAT of 15 Business Days is involved after receiving the Valid API from client.

Yes. White Label solution is available only for enterprise users at an extra cost .

Yes, Employee performance can be tracked and compared with the targets given to himthem.

Please visit the Target vs Actual Tab to review the Performance of any Employee in your Team.

This system is only for Task Management. If you want an automate mechanism for appraisal, then you should go for the Complete Package of AmevaHRMSPeople, our human resource management system along with AmevaTask.

It depends on how many Employees will be using this system. If the Research Team size is above 100, then we recommend to go for Enterprise Plan.

We assign a dedicated Account Manager to sort out all the queries of our clients. The Account Manager will be in direct touch with client and provide necessary support. The client can raise the Ticket by using ticket system. Each ticket will be reverted within 2-3 working days

"Thanks for submitting the form. The concerned team will respond to your query in the next 8-12 hours"

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