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Make Your Team's Tasks Easy to Track with Best Research Task Management Software

AmevaTask is a web-based Best Research Task Management Software designed specifically for research companies. With AmevaTask, you can create and manage tasks for yourself or your team according to the various phases of research. This helps to streamline the project and keep track of deadlines for all tasks.
Task management is much more than simply making a to-do list. Our software will help your company address all tasks, assign smaller assignments to colleagues, and set deadlines to ensure that projects are finished on time. Task management systems enable groups to operate more proficiently and efficiently. Top Research Project Management Software Companies encounter a variety of significant problems, including keeping all of their tasks in one place, allocating and prioritizing their workload, inadequate teamwork between their team members, keeping track of the assignments they've been given, and keeping track of the project timelines and rating employees based on their efforts. Our software provides a solution for some of these problems.

Encourages teams to be productive and efficient by increasing their output. Reduce the time needed to complete tasks or projects by 82%.

Reduces the amount of duration and effort needed to assign and maintain tasks by95%. Automates most of the work that is needed to assign and maintain tasks.

By improving the adherence to deadlines, the team will achieve a 75% improvement in their work efficiency.

50% of the time, the risk management system can help avoid mistakes that can lead to misplaced work.

Why Choose AmevaTask?

We offer files for review that are non-downloadable. This means that people cannot access them unless they have permission from the person who uploaded the file. AmevaTask also provides an option to add a secure link to a cloud location. This link can only be accessed by people working on the project and has been given permission by the person who uploaded the file.
Get a more efficient way to work with time management tools. AmevaTask is an easy-to-understand system that helps you prioritize tasks, track time, and manage meetings.


Improves Employee Productivity

  • Letting them attach working notes, documents, and files to the company.
  • Prioritizing tasks with dedicated time slots allows teams to work on the same tasks together, making it easy to see the team workload.
  • Allowing team to work on the same tasks together makes it easier to see the team workload.

Customizable and Quick dashboard view

  • Keep track of your working projects with ease.
  • Allows you to monitor task progress and visually organize your work.
  • Allows you to analyze your work more structured way and find ways to improve your productivity.

Universal Reporting

  • Allows you to generate reports that apply to all team members, no matter their department.
  • Easy to track progress and ensure that all tasks are completed on time.
  • Ratings at the sub-task level can ensure that everyone is performing at their best.

Key Services Offered

  • Help managers keep track of employee attendance and tasks
  • Improving transparency between clients and their employees
  • Allows for real-time task progress tracking
  • Helps manage workloads and monitor deadlines

How it works?

AmevaTask is a platform that makes managing your time and tasks easy and hassle-free with the help of Best Research Task Management Software.

Kick Start of Project on TMS

Shared projects are lists of initiatives, meetings, and programs organized into a single project. This method makes your work from scattered and disorganized to understandable and manageable.

Task Assignees

Create task assignees to let everyone know who is responsible for the task.

Allotment of Tasks

Divide work by department and by function to ensure smooth operation.

Due Dates and Times

Working off the same deadline, regardless of their time zone, is ensured by specifying the date and time.

Dividing Sub - Tasks

A sub-task can be divided into smaller segments, such as conducting primary research, secondary research, report writing, etc.

Sync Tasks Across Projects

Using the same task across multiple projects enables you to keep track of your work in different contexts without duplicating your efforts.

Analyse Trend

The project can be measured, and progress can be shared at every level using significant checkpoint data as a basis for analysis.


By identifying which tasks can begin immediately and waiting on others, task dependencies make it clear.


Basic Professional Enterprise

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Get started

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No. of Admin 2 5 10
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Task Creation
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Sub task Creation
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Ticket Management
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Call Recording
  Secured Files on MS Onedrive
Secured Files on MS Onedrive
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Role Management
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Target Management
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AmevaTask FAQ’s

Yes, with the help of AmevaTask, any number of Subtask can be created and managed.

The files uploaded for review in AmevaTask are non-downloadable, Apart from this, AmevaTask also offers an option to add a secure link of cloud location which can be accessed only by authorized persons who are working on the project.

In No Time. You can start using the AmevaTask instantly once your sign up process is complete. If API integration is required, then a TAT of 15 Business Days is involved after receiving the Valid API from client.

Please visit the Target vs Actual Tab to review the Performance of any Employee in your Team.

We assign a dedicated Account Manager to sort out all the queries of our clients. The Account Manager will be in direct touch with client and provide necessary support. The client can raise the Ticket by using ticket system. Each ticket will be reverted within 2-3 working days

"Thanks for submitting the form. The concerned team will respond to your query in the next 8-12 hours"

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