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Our lead management software will help companies effectively and efficiently manage their incoming leads, making it easier for clients to analyze and nurture leads to convert them into new business prospects. Our software helps generate profitable leads without missing any, ensures proper follow-up, and actively converts leads into potential buyers.


AmevaRights is a web-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) software that lets you protect your intellectual property, including reports, books, and other published material. It also allows you to restrict the unauthorized distribution of your work with measured license access. AmevaRights deals with some of the most important yet neglected pain points of copyright infringement, research copy misappropriation, and no automated system of modern and fresh updates.


Our SPaaS software will help research-based firms manage their research report subscriptions. This will include creating a subscription management platform that is efficient and effective. Our software will help research companies easily automate their subscription offering. This implies that they can simplify the process of subscribing people to their research reports. And We will optimize our SPaaS software so that research companies can easily access and use many components of their subscription offering.


We develop websites that are simple, light, and easy to navigate. We ensure that users find what they need quickly while browsing around and can easily click through to other areas of interest. We have experience creating effective and functional websites for many different companies. Contact us today for professional website development.


AmevaTech helps you to find the right keywords to target your website. They also help you to increase your website's visibility by using the right keywords and strategies. Additionally, it can help you maximize sales and conversions, increasing your ROI. Our team of experts will utilize their skills and experience to implement the latest SEO strategies, making your website more professional.


Our task management system is more than a simple to-do list. It helps managers track tasks from the beginning to the end, delegate tasks to teammates, and set deadlines. Our task management system is a helpful tool for managing tasks and ensuring projects get done on time. A task management system can help you organize your work and improve productivity. It can create lists for meetings, programs, and initiatives. Using a task management system, you can help organize your work and ensure it is done efficiently. This will help you save time and resources.