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Get a Grip on the Future of the Publishing Industry with AmevaSubscription

Helps Client in determining new revenue model and increase top line by 45%
Provides easy access to the latest industry trends and insights
70% decrease in the time required to set up and manage subscription services
42% increase in average ticket size owing to bulk purchases made through subscription management software

AmevaSubscription will assist research-based firms in effectively managing their report subscriptions through AmevaSubscription platform in an efficient manner. AmevaSubscription will help companies automate, standardize, and simplify various aspects of their report subscription service using our technology, including retaining clients and handling subscriptions. We will achieve this by eliminating the need for a subscription engagement model, bundling sector- or country-focused research access, and creating a product funnel that meets the diverse client needs.

Why Choose AmevaSubscription?

AmevaSubscriptions has been designed keeping in mind all the needs for growth, automation, and customer satisfaction. It is a complete package of software solutions that helps companies grow and succeed with ease.

63% Improvement in Convenient Customization
  • Training and customer support are readily available to subscribers to help them with any issues they may encounter.
  • Subscribers can customize different subscription plans per their needs, ensuring that they are always getting the best possible value for their money.
89% Cost Effective to Customers
  • Get access to our full range of reports and analytics for a low monthly price, whether you're a small business or a top enterprise.
  • Stay ahead of your competition with our unique collection of insightful reports and data analysis.
10+ Key Other Services Offered
  • Assists in the gathering of reports and managing subscriber accounts.
  • Keep track of subscriber activity and manage tickets accordingly.
  • Staying in touch with customers by automatically adding new research to subscriptions as needed.

How it works?

Through the Ameva Top Subscription Management Software, businesses can quickly and effortlessly create, manage, and deploy software subscriptions for their customers.

Creating Profile

Create the profile as per the package selected (single/Site Plan/Corporate Plan). After that, customers will have access to the research repository, Premium News flash, and Favourites Reports.

Manage User Access Control

Centralize item catalogs and offer flexible plans that enable researchers to automate the management of research report offerings using a single-click price update mechanism.

Quick Turn Around Time

As the service is already tailored, the SPaaS Platforms promise a quick turnaround time. Therefore, a TAT of 30 days is required to integrate it.

Intelligent Retention

Retain more customers and increase customer lifecycle by using the most advanced technology. Provide automated tools for understanding and engaging with customers to understand what they want and need before selling the product or service further.


Basic Professional Enterprise
One Time Set-up Charge
Get started

Get started

Get started
No. of Reports
No. of Reports 300 700 3000
  No. of annual client
No. of annual client 30 50 100
  Per client USD
Per Client Billing (US$) 40 30 20
  No. of Admin
No. of Admin 1 2 2
  No. of User
No. of User 2 5 10
  Auto Royalty Calculation for other Publisher
Auto Royalty Calculation for other Publisher
  API Integration
API Integration
  Secure cloud hosting
Secue cloud hosting
  Monthly Maintenance Support
Monthly Maintenance Support
  Track Independent Report access by client
Track Independent Report access by client
Note For each additional client, the annual billing per client will be $125 in each of the package.

AmevaSubscription FAQ’s

The digital documents are stored in a secured server and cloud location. Further the access is controlled by the license rights for authorized users only.

We recommend to go for Professional Subscription if you have Report count of 300-700.

Yes, AmevaSubscription solution provide the unique report count and reports viewed by your clients.

AmevaSubscription uses the secured server and cloud hosting with encrypted form of confidential data.

In No Time. You can start using the AmevaSubscription instantly once your sign up process is complete. If API integration is required, then a TAT of 30 Business Days is involved after receiving the Valid API from client.

"Thanks for submitting the form. The concerned team will respond to your query in the next 8-12 hours"

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