Smoothly Convert Leads and Upsurge Market Research Sales with our Lead Management Software

Our lead management software will help companies to manage the incoming leads in an effective and efficient manner, which will help clients to easily analyze, and nurture the leads so that they can be converted into new upcoming business prospects. Our software has been well designed which can track leads from one point from sources also it provides an added feature of analyzing the Lead Rejection to take corrective measures. Our Lead management software provides key solutions to some of the larger pain points faced by research firms in terms of generating leads i.e. low tracking of leads generated, Leads journey not mapped beyond emails, no conversion rate mapping, no Sales team result KPI tracking, distribute leads automatically and many more.

Increase client conversion rate by 90% due to effective lead management software

Helps in improving response rate on qualified leads by 80%

65% Improvement in Sales Team Competency Skills and knowledge acquisition

75% of Sales process simplified with streamlining of all leads and their journey in one platform

Why Choose AmevaLMS?

Our software helps in Generating leads without Missing any, Ensures Proper Follow-up and Converting a lead into a Potential Buyer

72% Growth in Pipeline Management
  • Supplement deals to your LMS at a single click
  • Create tasks to push deals forward as per your research report creation
  • Dashboard access to track progress and converting leads effectively
  • Reduced Lead conversion time
Training and handholding to streamline lead-sales journey
  • Free Customer Support/ training
  • Reduced Tech team Turnaround Time in case of any ticket
  • Ticket system for query/ feature integration
38% Enhance Personalization of lead outreach
  • Detailing about a lead in a single contact profile
  • View a chronological timeline of every touchpoint between a contact & company
  • One Stop solution of recording lead info
  • Complete lead’s history to make informed follow-up
15+ Key Other Services Offered
  • Automate your email campaigns, and expand your database
  • No Separate cost for Chat Application
  • No Maintenance Charges
  • Inbuilt Feedback Mechanism for Customer Satisfaction Rating


How It Works?

The Ameva Lead Management Software Is Hassle Free And Simple To Use!

work process
  • Step 1

    Generate Leads Through Contact Record Feature

    Engage with leads automatically, through our LMS contact record feature

  • Step 2

    Manage User Access Control

    Mechanically updating of lead recorded as soon as a call or email has been sent/received from the client

  • Step 3

    Easy To Preserve Call Records

    Record all of customer/client calls, right from the first stage within your browser and log them directly to the contact record

  • Step 4

    Smooth Follow-Up On Leads

    Make customer follow-up easy by using Templates and Automation

  • Step 5

    Analyze Performance

    Understand performance at a macro and micro level via Built-in team-wide analytics tool

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