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Capture, Track and Manage Leads from All Sources in One Place with Our Best Lead Management Software

AmevaSales is a Top CRM Software for Businesses in India that automates your lead management process, giving you real-time insights into your sales pipeline. With Ameva Sales, you can track your leads from multiple sources, get email and call history with status updates, and identify opportunities for improvement in your sales process.

Our Lead management software is essential for any business that relies on lead generation. Our software helps organizations track, manage, and analyze leads. It can also help businesses generate leads more quickly and efficiently and contact potential customers who fit the target market.

When you use our best Software for lead Sales, you will be able to: Track and manage leads from various sources; monitor your leads' progress; Analyze the results of your marketing campaigns, and see how successful they are in converting prospects in leads and leads into sales. In addition, we are the Best Lead Management Software Providers in India that can help companies reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Lead management software helps to improve the response rate on qualified leads, leading to a 90% increase in client conversion rates.

Helps in improving response rate on qualified leads by 80%

The software also helps improve the sales team's competency skills and knowledge acquisition, leading to a 65% improvement in this area.

Overall, the software simplifies the sales process, resulting in a 75% increase in efficiency.

Why Choose AmevaSales?

We use a secure server and cloud hosting with encrypted confidential data. We are GDPR compliant and take the highest possible measures to ensure data privacy, ensuring that only a few or no employees have access to any passwords or customer-level data.
With AmevaSales, you'll be able to achieve your business goals faster than ever. Our software is reliable and user-friendly, so you can focus on generating more leads and making sales.

72% increase in pipeline management
  • As per your research report creation, create tasks to push deals forward
  • Track leads and conversions
  • Reduce lead conversion time, and
  • Reduce tech team backlogs in support.
Streamline the lead-sales journey by training and handholding your team.
  • We offer free customer support and training.
  • Reduce turnaround times for tickets and
  • Query/feature integrations in case of any issues.
38% Enhance Personalization of lead outreach
  • Provide complete information about your leads in a single contact profile to enhance the Personalization of lead outreach.
  • Offer a chronological timeline of all interactions between a company and a lead.
  • We will ensure you have all the information you need to make informed follow-up decisions.
15+ Key Other Services Offered
  • No additional fees are required to use the Chat Application.
  • Automate your email campaigns and expand your database without incurring separate costs.
  • There are no maintenance charges.
  • There is an inbuilt feedback mechanism to measure customer satisfaction with Top CRM Software for Businesses in India.


How It Works?

Ameva's Lead Management Software has got you covered. It is a hassle-free and simple-to-use lead management software that will help you manage your leads automatically.

work process
  • Step 1

    Generate Leads Through Contact Record Feature

    The LMS contact record feature will help you engage with your leads automatically through email and phone calls.

  • Step 2

    Manage User Access Control

    It will help you keep your leads confidential and safe.

  • Step 3

    Easy to Preserve Call Records

    Please keep track of all your customer/client calls from the beginning by logging them directly into your contact record.

  • Step 4

    Smooth Follow-Up On Leads

    Using templates and automation will make a follow-up with customers easy. This way, you can keep the customer updated on their order and ensure that it is complete and correct.

  • Step 5

    Analyze Performance

    Get a general overview of the team's performance through Built-in team-wide analytics.


Basic Professional Enterprise

Get started

Get started

Get started
Free Support
Free Support 30 Days 45 Days 60 Days
  Monthly Support Charges
Monthly Support Charges
  Per User per Month
Per User per Month $50 $30 $15
  No. of Admin
No. of Admin 1 1 5
  No. of User**
No. of User** 2-5 2-20 21-50
  No. of leads per user per month
No. of leads per user per month 100 500 5000
  Inbound Lead
Inbound Lead
  Outbound Lead
Outbound Lead
  All lead Database
All lead Database
  Calling option*
Calling option*
  Inbuilt Email Integration
Inbuilt Email Integration
  Download option in Excel
Download option in Excel - -
  EOD Reporting for Team
EOD Reporting for Team
  Comparison of Actual Numbers with Target Set
Comparison of Actual Numbers with Target Set -
  Add target
Add target -
  Email Template for Bulk Email to all/selected leads for special offer
Email Template for Bulk Email to all/selected leads for special offer -
  Status Filter
Status Filter
  Role Management
Role Management - -
  Lead Analysis
Lead Analysis - -
  Import Existing Leads in Bulk through CSV
Import Existing Leads in Bulk through CSV
  Call Tracking for all the users
Call Tracking for all the users - -
  Call Recording
Call Recording -
Support -
  New Updates
New Updates - -
  Results KPI
Results KPI -
  Manage Proposal
Manage Proposal - -
  Secured Hosting on Cloud
Secured Hosting on Cloud
Customised - - 20%
  additional content
additional content * Call made through the system are chargeable as per service provider rates.
** Minimum number of user charges will be charged

AmevaSales FAQ’s

OfCourse yes. The meeting can be scheduled directly by AmevaSales. Though you may need to provide the meeting link from the platform you will be having the meeting.

Amevasales uses the secured server and cloud hosting with encrypted form of confidential data. We are GDPR compliant and ensure highest standard of data privacy measures, ensuring that limited few or none of our employee have access to any form of password or customer level data of our clients.

We assign a dedicated Account Manager to sort out all the queries of our clients. The Account Manager will be in direct touch with client and provide necessary support. The client can raise the Ticket by using ticket system.

In No Time. You can start using the AmevaSales instantly once your sign up process is complete. If API integration is required for inbound leads, then a TAT of 15 Business Days is involved after receiving the Valid API from client.

Yes Amevasales can manage the inbound and outbound leads.

"Thanks for submitting the form. The concerned team will respond to your query in the next 8-12 hours"

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