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A license rights management system (LRS) helps organizations manage and protect the rights to their publications/ books. When an organization creates an LRS, it can track who has access to what information, when accessed, and where it is being used.

It is the best Software For lead Sales. A lead management system helps managers optimize leads to sales by identifying and managing relevant leads, converting them into customers, and following up with them to ensure satisfaction.

A best research task management software that helps optimize an operation team's work. It helps to keep track of the progress of tasks and also make sure that goals are met.

A subscription platform would allow users to subscribe to services and receive real-time updates and alerts about the service. This subscription management software would work as a way for users to stay up-to-date on what's happening with the service without the hassle.

Our SEO services will help you generate more queries. By adjusting your marketing and website, we can help you bring in more traffic and leads. AmevaSEO refreshes your marketing by getting new qualified leads from a reliable generator system.

Using AmevaWeb creative and refreshing website design, you can speed up the process and create a visually appealing and functional website.


All in one business software to get rights, sales, task and subscription platform for your business

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Less than 10% of Global Market Research/ e-publishers firms are adopting operational tech solutions to solve their pain points

Percentage of Global market intelligence/ e-publishers adopting tech solutions


Digital Dashboard and Analytics

“Evaluate Operational KPIs and Monitor Quarterly Targets”


Digital Report Licensing

“It Solves the Copyright Infringement”


Web Development

“Convert your Visitors into Customers through custom web solution to your exact specifications”


Task Management

“Reduces Burden of Assigning & Maintaining Task Manually”


Lead Management

“Never Miss-out any potential leads generated through any of the Platform (Email/Website/Social Media/Others)”

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