4 reasons why market research reports should not be shared on e-mail

 Though, e-mail is the most common method used by market research companies for sharing of their reports with their client, but do you know it is not a secure & reliable way. Read further to learn why…. Unarguably, e-mail is one of the most common method used by the market research companies for sharing their… Read More »

4 ways to stop the unauthorized sharing of the research reports within the industry research sector : Ameva Tech

“There are some types of research reports that market research companies only want certain authorized individuals or organizations to view, thereby highlighting the need of some level of protection and control. Here are the four ways that they need to adopt to protect their content from unauthorized sharing.”  Over the years, the market research companies… Read More »

Best Digital Rights Management DRM Software Provider Company in India In 2022: Ameva Tech

Digital Right Management Software: – think-tanks and other innovation arranged firms are presently utilizing DRM (Digital Right Management Software’s) programming. Computerized privileges the executives programming of Amevatech’s significantly helps with defending the copyrights for advanced media. Additionally, Amevatech’s Digital Right Management Software (DRM) likewise permits the makers or creators to have a total hand through… Read More »