Lead Management Software

Amevatech automates your lead management process, providing you with real-time insights into your sales pipeline. Our custom lead management solution allows you to grasp leads from all your online channels – paid ads, webinar, and many more. Our software accurately presents qualified leads for salespeople to speedily transform them into paying clients. This tool has decreased lead management procedure layers and centralized the complete database in place to share and assign tasks to authorized persons. In addition, our analytical dashboard will compress all your lead information and deliver a holistic view of your sales pipeline to know where each lead stands on the conversion table and how much work is still demanded to transform the leads.

Lead Management Software in India for Increasing Your Sales

  • Save Time and Customize Your Outreach: Automate monotonous sales tasks to save time and close deals speedier. Send emails to 1000+ leads with Amevatech’s powerful lead management software, record calls on the go, and view comprehensive client information to customize your follow-ups. We as Best Lead Management Software Providers let you customize your outreach by providing you with easy admittance to all the imperative information about your leads in an individual place.
  • Automate The Distribution of Leads: Our Lead Management and Tracking Software assist you to personalize your workflow by automating your lead distribution. Set conditions for dissimilar industries or time zones, the priority of leads reliant on an email response, geographic locations, and many more, and let us assign leads accordingly.
  • Gather Data for Optimization: At our platform, lead management software grasps a ton of data. You can utilize it to power your business decisions and develop your marketing and sales strategy. You can work with our marketing team to generate personalized sales enablement content, construct the case studies, and retarget them with ads comprising testimonials.
  • Manage the Sales Pipeline Proficiently: Best Lead Management Solution at Amevatech assists you manage your sales pipeline proficiently. Leave no scope for error of judgment and let us score your leads reliant on conditions you set in advance. The CRM tool will let you know which leads are hot so you can aim at them and propel your conversion rates.
  • Map Entire Customer Journeys: Map every touch point of your customers without any manual record-keeping. We with Lead Management & Tracking Software provide you with a 360-degree overview of all leads, specifying their whole journeys with your business, from the 1st website visit to their present conversations with your sales reps.

Sanctions the sales reps to develop their performance and follow-up with the forecasts in a timely and efficient manner. Houses the key data that the team requires to track leads and classify them through several stages of the customer journey. Allows the identification of profitable customer segments and distinguishes between qualified and unqualified leads. Simplifies speedy and accurate financial reporting so that the sales team can aim more on the core task of closing deals for business. Prognostic data analytics assist the business to formulate strategies and campaigns to formulate for booms or dips in sales volume. We at Amevatech assist you in proficiently managing the sheer number of retail business leads and getting them converted. Our team of experts is expert to generate a feature-rich, robust, and spontaneous retail Lead Management System for your enterprise to nurture and manage leads from several sources. With our lead management system software and over-the-top technical assistance, you scale up your business high by capturing leads from several sources.

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