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Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Technological Protection Measures (TPM) is about protection the digital media to safeguard the unauthorised redistribution of copyrighted products and patented software. A subset of DRM or TPM is the Information Rights Management (IRM). It is also represented to as Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM). 

Information rights management solution or E-DRM is about upkeep documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, comprising sensitive data from unauthorised copying, viewing, printing, forwarding, deleting, and editing. It can also license you to control the security of your data, and safeguard the users from marking up your documents or even retrieving them after a detailed duration of time. The Information Rights Management technology prevent the documents from unauthorised activity by implanting encryption and user permissions unswervingly into the file. This manner, it stays with the file throughout the file lifecycle, whether in motion, in assuage or at rest and notwithstanding of where the file goes. 

Best License Rights Management Software Solutions in India consents the publishers and content creators to keep control over what paying users can do with their material. In addition to safeguarding the abuse of digital assets, best licence management software solution in India can also be utilized energetically to detect and abolish illegal sharing, as well as reselling of login credentials for the digital assets such as software and ebooks. This DRM approach is permissible to detect and take down illegal sharing and reselling of credentials on innumerable platforms such as marketplaces, stand-alone websites, and social media.

The information rights management encrypts documents for daunting the access policies. When encryption gets completed, an additional layer of IRM can be functional to the files either to empowers or deny upon detailed activity. It means that the document can only be pragmatic by users but, its content cannot be copied or posted anywhere else. Also, the information rights management rule might restrict the end users from taking screenshots or printout of the content.

In addition to encryption, additional Best License Rights Management Software Solutions in India can restrict or allow the specific activities. These custom rules can be produced at the enterprise level, department level, group level, or user level reliant on data security, compliance and governance provisions. Even when the user is off your corporate network, IRM plans still continue to watch or guard the documents. 

At Amevatech, the digital rights management software is an amalgamation of countless tools that enable the content owners and companies to control and monitor the utilization of their assets, as well as confirm the appropriate utilization of other individual’s creative property across the complete organization. Best License Management Software solution in India can embed special code into the asset’s metadata, making it easy to recognise the unsanctioned users and control admittance.

Amevatech recommends the IRM solutions to fit your enterprise demands. We safeguard your emails and documents by mapping the business arrangement to the information in a document, and setting its utilization policies, no matter where the document goes or where it lives.

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