With the rapid growth of internet along with plethora of increasing number of file sharing tools at disposal, the market research companies have become significantly exposed to data misuse (breach/leak), illegitimate re-selling coupled with unauthorized share that give access to their copyright-protected data or work property. This leads to lost efforts and revenue loss, highlighting the critical need for a way to protect and control the access to the Intellectual Property (IP). As per Ponemon Institute report, “in the past two years, 53% of organizations have experienced at least one data breach caused by a third party.”

Considering this, Market Research Company or Data Intelligence Companies should absolutely consider implementing a Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution into their business. This will not only eliminate any kind of risks related to the high-value copyrighted content, but will also let you build meaningful partnerships without worrying around data security.

Why does a market research company need a DRM solution?

Basically a DRM solution is a software mechanism that provides protection to your digital content from unauthorized use and piracy. With more and more content being delivered by means of internet much of which is attributed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the requirement of DRM by all means is likely to increase substantially, making it a standard requirement of organizations.

Three key reasons why you should get DRM

If you are a market research companies, here are the three prime reasons that you should consider seriously for using digital rights management to protect your IP.

1. Controlled content distribution

Not to forget, we are living in an era of social media which has made online sharing very easy; however by imbedding of a robust DRM in your business you can now control who gets to see your work, and you can also decide how long your content is viewable. Thus, you will be able to share your reports, however, your recipients or subscribers will not have unconstrained access.

But by implementing a suitable DRM solution, you can protect your intellectual property from unauthorized access and control the enabling or preventing the ability to edit, view, print and the download of the document.

2. Thorough protection to Intellectual Property (IP)

With easing sharing tools available, it has become relatively easier for your content to get shared or accessed without your permission. If you want your intellectual property to be protected, you will need to ensure that only the right people can see your work and a good DRM solution can very well take care of this issue. It ensures controlling and restricting any kind of copying, modification and distribution or use of IP or copyrighted content/works such as research reports or any documents, images, videos/audios etc. that is not explicitly authorized by the content provider thereby safeguarding authenticity of your work in the best way possible.

3. Protecting revenue by monetizing content effectively

Developing IP or copyrighted data or works not only involve lot of valuable time and efforts but also are the critical driver for revenue generation for market research companies. Moreover, not to forget your work is the major reason to provide differentiation to you in the market space, and building your clients. And, so if this data gets breached or accidently or deliberately lost/shared, the company will not only suffer monetary loss, but also will impact its brand reputation.

However, implementation of DRM ensures that unauthorized people are prevented from copying and even seeing or reading confidential content, thereby standing a chance to get a return on their investment (ROI) leading to business growth. By means of using DRM, you will be able to regulate this usage, and only clienteles who pay will gain any access to your digital content. A good DRM software has the capability of reducing potential revenue loss by 80% due to copyright infringement. Additionally, DRM also ensures the secure promotion, sale, and distribution of any type of your intellectual property.

Level up your IP security with DRM!

To survive and thrive your business in this digital era, you need to secure your intellectual property with the suitable Best Digital Rights Management solution. It’s pivotal and unassailable role in the management of licensing and authorized content distribution is indeed estimable. But, to make the most of the DRM, it is essential that you collaborate with the right technology partner, to ensure that you implement DRM effectively and in a right manner and while also making sure that it reaches your right audience at the right time.

So, have you implemented DRM solution in your organization?

Do you want to learn as to how DRM can be beneficial for your workplace?

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