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Information Rights Management (IRM) is a form of IT security technology utilized to safeguard the documents containing sensitive information from unauthorized admittance. Unlike traditional Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that applies to mass-produced media such as songs and movies, IRM applies to documents, spreadsheets, and presentations generated by individuals. IRM safeguards files from unauthorized copying, viewing, printing, forwarding, deleting, and editing.

The information rights management encrypts documents for imposing access policies. When encryption gets completed, an additional layer of IRM can be applied to the files either to enables or deny upon specific activity. It means that the document can only be observed by users but, its content cannot be copied or posted anywhere else. Also, the information rights management rule might limit end users from taking screenshots or printout of the content.

It is also possible to generate as well as personal the rules of IRM at the enterprise level, group level, user level, or departmental level. This will be wholly based on the data compliance, security, and the demands of governance.

One of the major benefits of using our information rights management is that it safeguards the file content even when the documents are in sharing mode with some other individuals. Even if a person is operating out from the company network then also he or she will be able to safeguard the documents without any data breach peril. Well, all these statements say that the information rights management seals the file wholly with not even an individual point left for data leakage.

One of the most primary complaints with IRM methods is that they force users to have a separate IRM application to be prevalent and installed on machine. This is required to open file under all the policies of IRM rules. This is the reason owing to which IRM protection is restricted only to documents or files, which require protection based upon the content.

It is true that IRM solves countless security troubles at the time of document sharing. However, research says that there also unassuming measures that negate the IRM advantages. For example, a smartphone can take the image of file content through camera even after applying IRM fortification.

best license rights management software solutions in India is built to work around the multiple workloads such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Office documents, and it makes it convenient to set restrictions and deliver the permissions. Office 365 Message Encryption comes with a modern user interface that makes it easy to utilize.

With our solutions, you can prevent your important information from being exposed even while in malicious hands with UIH’s IRM. The system keeps your critical business data from threats, losses, or disclosure by encrypting it with the harmless and most reliable algorithm. It delivers you the confidence that your information will stay safe regardless of anyone’s admittance to the files. It also keeps your organization compliant to the laws and guidelines on data security, and monitor user actions against the safeguarded the files. We deal with some of the most imperative yet neglected pain points of copyright infringement, research copy misuse, no system for customer feedback post delivery and no automated system of new updates.

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